Unable to read values from a JSON object -

Hi, I am unable to parse JSON String and read all the values in it.

I can convert it to deserialize json object.

I need to read the “rename to” value for each folder path in json

I have attached the json file as text document
json.txt (5.0 KB

Could someone please help me with this @ppr @HareeshMR

Output e.g. the name-value from rename to can be adopted

myJObject.Properties.Skip(3).Select(Function (x) x.Name & “-” & myJObject(x.Name)(“Rename to”).ToString).toArray

similar to

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@ppr I have tried the recommendation in the attached XAML workflow. It only works for the initial 2 values. For the rest I get the error message as “Object reference not set to instance of object”.

you should work on json from tis topic
as you can see in the screenshot it was running against this data
“Rename to” keys from other data.json are not consistent as there are spaces on end or not. Thats the reason why it was failling

Thanks a lot @ppr . Your solution has worked “myJObject.Properties.Skip(3).Select(Function (x) x.Name & “-” & myJObject(x.Name)(“Rename to”).ToString).toArray” . I can loop through all the key values.

Appreciate your help. Thankyou for helping me.

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