Unable to read the same excel again in the same processes at second instance

We are using a bulky excel file to read and store that data in a data table. The bot is able to read the excel at the first instance of the process correctly , but when the bot is trying to read the file again the same file in the same process, it was not able to read the process and throwing the error - Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352. The issue is occuring when there was an system exception the bot is trying to read the file again but failing to read the file. We have added kill process and kill application as well before reading the excel file in case if it is not closed properly, but issue still persists. What could be the possible solution?

The issue that i have come across is the bot is not able to read the same file twice in the same process. somehow for second time when bot is trying to read it is faulting. Is there any limitation that bot can only read one file only one single time in a process?

Hopefully someone can help more, but this is similar post, old, but matches your post:

I would be interested in solution to this.


Yes, i have come across this post but the issue is it is able to read at first instance but not at second instance.


If you are only reading the data…then try cehcking read only property in excel application scope and try to see if it is able to read…

And also alternately to make it close properly try adding try catch for all activitie inside excel application scope in try catch and then exit excel smoothly…and you can throw the error outside the excel scope

Hope this helps