Unable to read the CSV file

I’m unable to read the CSV file using readcsv activity. Attached zip contains the csv file I’m using, i have to read this file and filter for Hdr_custno and create filtered datatable , please help.PRHeader.zip (190.3 KB)

@Ramki81 It would be great if you send the error message as well.

when i’m trying to print the datatable using usign messagebox/write line no rows printed.

@Ramki81 Did you convert to output data table before printing you cannot print a Data Table directly.

yes datatable.tostring

No use a Output data Table Activity to convert it to string then you try printing.

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still same, it prints nothing.

please send your workflow.

Main.xaml (5.5 KB)
Here you go.

Your CSV file contains lot of empty rows write line and Message box have limitations on how many characters it can print, To test your file that its being read or not you can write the output string to text file else in the CSV file you have attached keep top 50 rows and try printing through write line or message box they will be printed.

yeah i noticed it now workign with small set of data. Thanks for letting me know.
I need help on filter data table by HDR_CUSTNO column. When i did the same i’m not getting any rows in filtered data table.

what is your filter criteria against HDR_CUSTNO column

Hdr_custno=100062 in Filter rows

try like this its working

I’m doing the same , below are the screen shots from my work flow. Not sure why it is not filtering

@Ramki81 image

Change the highlighted thing to PRHeader.Columns(“Hdr_Custno”)

changed, still same issue.

I’m hoping your are not try trying to evaluate your results through message box or Write line, either get the count of rows before and after you filter or write it to a csv or text file to see your result, I also advice you to go through the academy training .

Thanks, it works. I overlooked earlier.

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