Unable to read PDF file which has unstructured template

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I have a PDF file which has unstructured template. While I use Read PDF activity, the BOT is unable to read all the data from PDF.
Can anyone tell me, how to extract all the data from PDF and paste it in Excel.

Hi @vivek.ravichandran

  1. Use Read PDF Text Activity:
    Start with the Read PDF Text activity to extract the text from the PDF file. This activity will give you the text content of the entire PDF.
  2. Text Analysis:
    Analyze the extracted text to understand its structure. Identify patterns, separators, or keywords that can help you locate the data you need.
  3. Use Regular Expressions (Regex):
    If the data follows a pattern, you can use regular expressions to extract specific information. UiPath provides a Matches activity that allows you to apply regular expressions to text.
  4. Data Extraction Techniques:
    Depending on the structure, you might need to use a combination of techniques such as string manipulation, substring extraction, or splitting the text into lines or sections.
  5. Write Data to Excel:
    Once you’ve extracted the relevant data, use the Write Range activity to write the data to an Excel file. You can write to specific cells or create a data table and write the entire table to Excel.

Hi @vivek.ravichandran,

You can use Read PDF with OCR activity to read all the data.

To use this activity you need to install UiPath.PDF.activities Package, and use suitable OCR engine.

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Thank you @vrdabberu for the prompt reply.

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Hi @vivek.ravichandran

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