Unable to read .msg attachment from mail

Hi friends,

Quick question:

I am using Save All Attachments activity, and the e-mail being read includes two attachments: .xlsx, and .msg. However, the latter is never read. I doublechecked also via Log Message: mail.Attachments.count and via output of Save All Attachments: attachmentsList: Log Message attachmentsList.Count → both gives 1, so they don’t see the .msg attachment.

Is there something I misesed, that UiPath does not support receiving/saving .msg attachments?



Please check this link.

Hey, jhj3627, thanks for quick response, but not sure I understand you - I don’t have problem with opening .msg file, but saving .msg file attachment from Get Exchange E-mail. I use Save All Attachments and Studio just doesn’t see the .msg attachment at the moment of saving/downloading it from mail message.


Anyone has any suggestion what might have gone wrong?

How about Get Mail activity in Office 365 Package?

I am afraid that the project imposes using Get Exchange Mail activity

Then how about using save mail message activity after using get exchange mail message?
Included in UiPath.Mail.Activities.

But then we only get the mail itself, not its attachments, no?