Unable to read mail from specific folder of outlook

Hi Team,
I can extract mail/Attachment from the inbox but not able to extract mail attachment from the folder(Sb Energy) created inside the inbox.
getting error" folder does not exist".

sometimes the spelling in the user view differs from the “correct” one.
I always make a little help bridge. I create an additional subfolder and look at the properties.

This way I get a fully qualified path to the parent folder (here in the example “Invoices”).

If that doesn’t help, please show me your activity settings.

Hi as you can see below, i am keeping location path at account field. still I am getting same error.

very interesting.
I know it only so that I enter my account name in the account field and the path in the mail folder field. Have you tried that?

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if it helped you, feel free to mark my post as a solution to help other users who have the same problem

still, i am getting the same error, the error occurred due to a folder containing IMAP items, I don’t know how to handle it, so I move the data to another folder and it’s work now.

try to create a test subfolder under sb energy and look at the path of this folder. i think it is the file path.

alternatively you can try to replace the space between sb and energy with an underscore.

Side info: The folder and file path names are key-sensitive