Unable to read emails from studio X

Unable to provide the in email from option

Hi @Deepika_Ajith …Welcome to the Forum…

Could you elaborate your issue? what exactly you were trying and what was the error you received(if any)?

Hi Prasath,

Thankyou for responding. As the attachment provided below, I was doing outlook automation with studio x and when I try to open “for each email” option and tried to provide “select a value” in “in email from” and I am not able to select anything from outlook it is fetching some error


hi @Deepika_Ajith - Please let me know, which account choose from the Outlook account?

Please see the above screenshot, on my local pc I have configured my gmail and charter accounts. so it is showing both the accounts. Since I choosen Gmail account, it is automatically pulling “Inbox” from it.

Please make sure , whether your outlook has been configured on your machine.

Thank you for your detail info, I am able to find my personal email as well as official but it is not fetching the inbox in “in email from” option

@Deepika_Ajith - hmmm…strange…

@studioX or @flavius can help here…

which version of studiox do you run?
on newer version you should be able to run from Tools the office repair tool. Can you try that ?

Mine is studio x 2020.10.5 version, tried the instruction and still it has the same error

which office version?
can you try a repair from windows for the office/outlook install?
also, is outlook open when trying to design the workflow?

Can anyone help me on this by connecting through zoom app, as I have few more queries to check with

@Deepika_Ajith - I have sent you a message…Please check…

I can connect when you are available, can you share me your Zoom link to discuss further and really thanks for all your support

@Deepika_Ajith - I have messaged the zoom link to your message… please check and join at the earliest…

@studioX - Issue has been resolved after using “Outlook 365” activity and add the new account.

@Deepika_Ajith - Please mark this post as solution, that will close the thread.

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