Unable to read dynamic image catcha

Hi, I am developing a bot. The bot is going to login on given URL. By putting credentials we are getting second authentication as numeric code. By putting numeric code I am getting robot dynamic captcha as an image. I am unable to read this captcha. Kindly suggest. Screenshots attached.

Captcha’s are designed to prevent automatic logins, you are not going to beat them. Even if you find a way to get around this one, next time you’ll get a different one and you’ll have to start all over again.

I advise you to manually log in, and only start your bot after you’ve done that.

Any AI Solution for this?

there no any ai solution for solve this issue may some open cv python scripts can work but that also not too much accurate you can say for particular login credentials “OFF” captha verification


Actually I am working on client website URL. This URL is used my several clients. So client do not change this.


then its not possible almost


We can’t handle this kind of captcha…

It’s better to use the third party captcha tools

As of now you can try this


Hello @anand.t

If you are trying to create an unattended robot then it will be difficult for a bot to understand ands solve these captchas. As bots cannot crack these kinds of captchas.

What you can do is make it as an attended robot and do the authentication manaually. Rest of the process robot can execute.