Unable to read Data Grid from Facets application

Hi Team,

I am automating processes from Facets app for Health Domain. I found that non of your activities are suitable to capture data grid or list view in tabular format as I want to perform get cell value from that grid. Data Scrapping is not being supported in Facets. And screen scrapping is not giving entire list view details in one go as it is giving only visible text and not in tabular format. The alternative approach I am making are mostly using send hot keys which are not looked to be full proof. Please suggests.

It does not have a menu items activities. To click something from sub menus are only depends on sending Hot Keys. It itself are not full proof. Please suggest.


Hi @rakesh.b.dey

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Dealing with Data Scraping can sometimes be tricky when target application doesn’t support the feature very well (or at all).

Is it possible to share screenshots of the table with which you’re trying to interact.

Facets app for Health Domain
The above description doesn’t give much information about what kind of application this is. I say this while also acknowledging that it may be a commonly used application and it’s just that I have never come across it; if that’s the case, I apologise and please ignore this comment.

Regardless, if you share screenshot (even though with redacted data) other community members who have dealt with similar interfaces may have a solution for you to try.

I hope this helps.

Hi Ash,

Thanks for you reply.

Sorry, I could not share the screenshot of customer application.

Please assume that I have to read data from the last rows and sixth columns value from grid which not visible. Only 3 columns and 9 rows are visible without scrolling. There is no maximum row limits and only 10 columns available. I have done the purpose with send keys(page down) and clicks but It is time consuming process and also not mistake proof.