Unable to Read Checkboxe form Scanned PDF document

Hi All,

I am new in UIPath Automation. I am not able to read Checkbox in PDF file

Since I’m a new user, not able to upload the PDF.
Tried using OCR but it didn’t work. Not sure how to resolve the issue.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Will you be able to share the PDF ?

Yes plz share ur email and I shall forward. Thank you

I thought if you can share it here someone in the forum can help. Let me know if you need instructions on how to upload a document ?

I tried uploading but it doesn’t allow me as I’m a new user. Plzz let me know the instructions

Use PasteBin and share the URL here or follow the above instructions you can unlock the restriction.

Thank you for the response. I’m not able to upload the file in Pastebin… Also, please let me know to unlock the basic level so that i can upload the files here.


Test.pdf (137.3 KB)

Finally I was able to upload the file. Please provide me with the solution.


Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this issue.