Unable to Publish to Orchestrator from Studio (2019.8 Beta)


Just try comparing the project.json file of your project with the one’s that succeeded in publishing. May be some setting is different or something like that… Also just have a look at the dependencies as well… just in case :slight_smile:

Since you mentioned about the size, what’s really the size of your solution folder?

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The dependencies aren’t a lot to be honest, the size is bigger than my test dummies but smaller than a RFW. Apart from the studio version, the json is pretty much the same. I’m super stumped /:

@strqsr hmm… I really wonder what’s wrong… can you try this as well… I’m not too sure whether it will really work… just a hunch…

Get a backup of your project json file. And delete the file in your solution. Then double click and open tur main.xaml. This will create a fresh copy of the project json file. Then make sure the project do not have any errors and try publishing it

Let’s see whether it works…


I actually recreated my solution in another project changing some attributes of my variables and breaking them up. I

suspect it has to do with how I assigned a document to a variable which is causing the error, as after I changed it, it successfully uploaded into Orchestrator.

Previously I had a variable that was assigned FilePath = “xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx.pdf”
but I took out the xxx.pdf and just hardcoded it into the activity breaking it apart, becoming: FilePath + “xxx.pdf”.

Generally I didn’t think it should have an issue but alas, technology and coding has always unexpected challenges hahaha

Thank you so much for your help though!

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