Unable to publish RabbitMQ MassTransit events from UIPath using a Custom Activity

I am unable to publish RabbitMQ MassTransit events with Masstransit version 8.0 from my system. I am having UIPath community version 2022.4.3.
While the same events are getting published from another system having UIPath Enterprise Version 2021.10.5.

Also, I am able to publish RabbitMQ Masstransit events with Masstransit version 7.3.1.
While with another system having an enterprise version, the above-mentioned version’s events are not getting published.

What is the reason behind it? Is the issue associated with the studio version or is it due to any other reason?

The Error screenshot is attached herewith :


Could you please paste the entire exception here?


The attachment here contains the exception message :


Have you imported the namespaces from the imports panel in studio?

If not install the name spaces and try to publish it again.


I had installed all the required namespaces.
the same project works fine in another system with specifications mentioned initially.
Please help me with the reason for the event not getting published from one system and getting published from another one. (The project used to publish event in both the system is same).


Check this out:


@THIRU_NANI Thanks for the support but I have not used JSON serialization options anywhere in the code for publishing the event.

Please help me find the solution for it as I am working right now on the same and facing difficulties.

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Can anyone please help resolve this issue, as I am currently working on the same and unable to work due to the problem mentioned?

Hi @Jahnavi_Jogi ,

Could you maybe re-formulate the above points, it might be a bit confusing as to where the issue begins.

And from the above two points mentioned, it seems you are facing this issue only on 8.0 version of MassTransit ? Irrespective of the systems being used ?

@supermanPunch I had created a Custom Activity to Publish Mass Transit Rabbit MQ event using MassTransit version 8.0. The activity works fine on the system having UIPath Enterprise Version 2021.10.5. but not on the system with UIPath community version 2022.4.3.

So why is it not getting published? Are there any licensing issues? Or any configuration needs to be added?

As I didn’t use Serialization in the code for making Custom Activity, the given link didn’t work for me.

@Jahnavi_Jogi , Could you compare the packages in Enterprise Version and the Community version?

Try to maintain the same set of package versions which was working in Enterprise version and check if it works.