Unable to Publish Project in Ui path

Unable to publish project in Ui path 2016.2 when TFS is connected getting error as “Publishing the project has failed Error:The Request was aborted”

There might be multiple points which need to address to identify.
Based on my knowledge, check your admin rights on the folder “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages”.
also please verify manually whether the folder is available or not.
please verify your xaml size. if it is very large in size then it will take more time to create a package while publish.
Hope my inputs are useful

Hi, Thnx for the reply

Admin access is available for login, Folder is also available and total size of my project is 15 mb

ok now, i got the point… when TFS capture this package folder then you have to keep this folder in check-in mode in TFS other wise TFS will not allow you to save any data. please release this folder from TFS and try to publish. hope that works.

Ya thats Correct, if my project is not connect with TFS then it will allowing me to pulish, but due to some requirements i have to publish that project with TFS connect and my project folder is already in Check in mode.

Please see your TFS admin… he will resolve this issue.

am also having this issue today… what is TFS… ?

Team Foundation Server which is nothing but a configuration control management tool.

Thank you

please follow ,