Unable to publish processes which are migrated from older version of studio to latest version of studio

I developed my project in Studio 2018.1.2. Later, I migrated my process to 2019.10.2. And my Orchestrator version is 2018.1.2. So, after migrating, when I am trying to publish the process in Orchestrator, it is showing an Error code. But, any code which is not migrated is able to be published in Orchestrator from the same Studio.

Hello @mahanth

After migrating to the latest version of Studio, have you done any changes to those workflows in the latest version? I’m suspecting whether your 2018.1.2 version of the Ochestrator is supporting the latest version of the packages that are used in the migrated workflows?

If those are also upgraded to the latest version, Can you try downgrading the dependecies to the previous one and see whether it gets published to the orchestrator?

I suppose you are still using the older version of the Orchestrator though you use the latest version of the Studio?

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After migrating, I have updated to the latest packages where I was getting errors for dependencies. I tried publishing after that. But it failed. We are using the Orchestrator version 2018.1.2 and the studio version is 2019.10.2 and Robot 2019.10.2


What’s the error that you are getting when trying to publish after modifying?