Unable to publish due to unexisting file's validation error


I am trying to publish my project but not able to do so because of the validation error of a file which does not exist.

The file name is ~FileName. Does “~” mean anything? Where can I find the file?
Please help me to resolve this.

Kind regards,

Hi @9e389f79ff1549b677ac

Could you post a full error screenshot?


This is the error I am facing. I remember I created the file but I deleted at some point. And the name was just フォルダ作成・1次2次処理 without “~” in the beginnig. Do you have any idea why this is happenning? Thank you in advance.

I believe you have some leftover temporary file in your folder :slight_smile: Please check for hidden files in your project’s folder and you should see the one that starts with a ~ sign. It is normally created when you open the particular project and deleted upon closing. But in case your Studio crashed, it might have been left over.


Check Once for any kind of validation error in All the workflows which is present in the project including the workflows which you are not using in your project.