Unable to process division

I have input in CSV (not Excel as I do not have option to use Excel). I have done read CSV and then tried multiassign where I have used

  1. Number1=Convert.toint32(current row(“column3”)).
    Here I have Number1 as int32
    But I am getting multiassign cannot assign

My intention to do the above flow is to divide column3 with column5

Note column3 and column5 are headers that I have created in my notepad.

I am trying to handle calculation from a file that has .CSV extension and cannot use file with.txt extension

Pls help

Hi @dipon1112000

Could you please share the screenshot of the CSV file with columns. What is your required output.

You can try this too:

Number1= CDbl(CurrentRow("column3").ToString)
Number2= CDbl(CurrentRow("Column5").ToString)

To divide Number1 by Number2





Try to add .ToString I hope it will work for you

Hi @dipon1112000 ]

Check out the below workflow:

Assuming your input is like below:

=>Use Read CSV to red the file and store the output in a datatable.
=> Use For Each row in DataTable to iterate through each row and give the below syntax in assign activity:

Number1= CDbl(CurrentRow("column3").ToString)
Number2= CDbl(CurrentRow("Column5").ToString)

Note: Number1 and Number2 are of DataType System.Double.
=> Use WriteLinew to print the values by giving below syntax:



Sequence9.xaml (9.8 KB)



Thank you so much, it worked and I can see the fraction in output too, one more help pls, can you show how to add the output to a CSV file (not Excel) as a seperate column.

Thank you for helping so far

@vrdabberu can you please help with the step to write the CSV with the output on a seperate column

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