Unable to play the script in IE. Am i Missing any prerequisite settings for IE with UI Path

I have created a script for my project.
The Application home page is developed in MVC.
When I recorded had no problem

But while trying to run the script

Getting the error : cannot communicate with Internet Explorer.

Here is the Log details:
16:20:19.6177 Info {“message”:“First Project training execution ended”,“timeStamp”:“2017-10-13T16:20:19.4837212+05:30”,“level”:“Information”,“windowsIdentity”:“IN\arijits202”,“processName”:“First Project training”,“fileName”:“Main”,“totalExecutionTime”:“00:00:17”,“totalExecutionTimeInSeconds”:17}
18:59:35.3591 Error {“message”:“Open browser : Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.”,“timeStamp”:“2017-10-13T18:59:35.3281164+05:30”,“level”:“Error”,“windowsIdentity”:“IN\arijits202”,“processName”:“First Project training”,“fileName”:“Main”}
18:59:35.4831 Info {“message”:“First Project training execution ended”,“timeStamp”:“2017-10-13T18:59:35.4831319+05:30”,“level”:“Information”,“windowsIdentity”:“IN\arijits202”,“processName”:“First Project training”,“fileName”:“Main”,“totalExecutionTime”:“00:00:02”,“totalExecutionTimeInSeconds”:2}
19:01:59.3225 Error {“message”:“Open browser : Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.”,“timeStamp”:“2017-10-13T19:01:59.2875109+05:30”,“level”:“Error”,“windowsIdentity”:“IN\arijits202”,“processName”:“First Project training”,“fileName”:“Main”}
19:01:59.4055 Info {“message”:“First Project training execution ended”,“timeStamp”:“2017-10-13T19:01:59.4045226+05:30”,“level”:“Information”,“windowsIdentity”:“IN\arijits202”,“processName”:“First Project training”,“fileName”:“Main”,“totalExecutionTime”:“00:00:03”,“totalExecutionTimeInSeconds”:3}

can anyone help me out.
Thanks in advance

I noticed one of our scheduled jobs this morning got the “Cannot communicate with browser” error also. We just upgraded to 2017.1 Studio and Orchestrator so I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the activity since you need to reInstall all packages per user now.

When I get a chance, I’ll see if that helps fix anything. shrug.

For me, it ended up being the UiPath Extension needed to be installed for the user account being used.

As for IE, I’m not sure.


Try to follow the instruction on this post.
It resolved the issue last time a faced it on client site.


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There are several topics regarding this error message.
@sain87 you should check them out, maybe you could find your solution there:

And also the Troubleshooting article on UiPath website may be helpful:


Thank you for the help.