Unable to perform Vlookup

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I am trying to perform Vlookup functionality between two excel sheet based on a unique column (Set_ID) from sheet 1 and (Set_ID) from sheet 2 whatever the matched value to be written in sheet 1(Column R), I am trying but I am getting an error like as in the attachment.
Please someone do needful to resolve the issue.


It’s showing error like mentioned column name is Invalid. Can you please recheck the column name. It should be exactly match and case sensitive. Else you can pass column index.

I Did as you said even after I am getting the same

Hi @HeartCatcher

Could you please share the excel sheet you are referring,from the error it shows there is a problem with “SET_ID” , please check if matching with the excel column name.


Spice Money Payments_SEP333’21.xlsx (152.3 KB)
The Set_ID which is under Column “Q” is unique ID.

With the Row Label which is under A column is unique ID in sheet 2.(Trail_Balance excel)
Trail_Balance.xlsx (22.6 KB)

Please do needful.


Instead of writing the column name mention column index (row(your_column index).To strong)

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I tried but getting the same error

I saw the excel file and in spice money excel the actual headers are starting from 4th row, that’s why you are getting the error it consider first row as header and it does not contain “set_id”

Delete first 3 rows in the spice money excel and try again


Thanks for the reply for calculation purpose I need first 3 columns so I shouldn’t delete that.
So I am reading the excel from “A4”

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please can you send me the work file?


Hey I can see that your column name (SET ID) but you mentioned (SET_ID). once check this. if still getting the same error please send me your workflow.

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Vlookup.xaml (10.8 KB)
Please find the work flow

@ppr Can you please help me on this

@HeartCatcher Have you tried it?


Yes I tried I am getting an error as in the attavhment.

@HeartCatcher could you please share some more screenshots of the workflow.


Please find


Please try below steps,

  1. The first read range for trial file is okay we dont need to change it.

  2. In second excel application scope’s (for spice file) read range give range as “”

  3. After the read range, again put a read range and give range as “A4:S” + Recon_file.rows.count.tostring

  4. In get row item you have selected index and not gave the index number, instead of selecting the index select name and give “SET ID”

  5. In lookup datatable give value as set_id.tostring


Hi @HeartCatcher ,

Can you please try with Join Data Tables Activity. I think if you use Inner join then you should get common values from both Data tables.


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Can you explain a bit how to do that please.