Unable to perform click operations and type intos in virtual machine

we are facing an issue with “click events and type intos” in virtual machine.is there any another activity rather than these to perform click operation.could any please help us to resolve this issue.




Instead of Click events you can implement Hot keys and tab options in VM.


click text,set text you can try these!

Are you running the VM’s in background? I’ve had similair issues when my VM goes into screesaver mode

@lavanya_reddy Where is the Workflow ? In your Local System or in the Virtual Machine?

I have also tested a couple of my workflows on VM ( not at my pc in virtual box but somewhere in datacenter ). By example: process that does login and download the Invoices from my accounts made me a little bit disapointed in these cases :slight_smile:

  1. TEXT into activity ( simulate click) did not work .
    It was no error message , but SAVE as “C:\Path\FileName.pdf” not happend.
    I did send message mode and it works.

In background mode of VM ( JUST starting job from orchestrator and letting VM Machine run this job) i noticed that:

  1. HOT KEY activity generate EXCEPTION . ( i used ctrl+s hotkey to “save as” invoice )

Question : If somebody has more info ( technical) about how to SAVE ( for my future) myself ( and also time) from this “STRESS))))” - let me know.

Because we are developing here robots and POC’s at locale PCs and my managers have plans - to let it run (sheduled) on VM 's
Thank you !