Unable to perform action in browser application

I am unable to perform action in browser even after enabling the simulate click property.
Getting the below error.

HI @Lipa

Can you click on the exception details to open the exception info in a small window. Please share the full exception you see there… It would give a better understanding of the exact issue you are facing…

below exception I am getting…


What’s the browser you are using? Have you checked whether the browser extension is enabled in your browser? This could be because the extension is not working…

I am using chrome browser and yes the extension is enabled too.

Let me know any other settings if I missed.

Can I see the properties of the open browser activity?

here it is…

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hey, just gave a try with IE browser and it worked…so continuing with that :slight_smile: for the time being.

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Go ahead with IE then :slight_smile: