Unable to pass value of WIList ( data rows ) from init to Get Transaction Data State. Kindly help

I have declared WIList ( datarows ) in general business process scope and it is a variable. I checked its value inside init and it is selected from ExtractedDataTable and using select the results are populated. I did a writeline and found it has value. Once it comes to the next state, its value is Null. The WIList is “in” argument in the GetTransactionData workflow. I saw few topics on this and checked the steps mentioned there. But still unable to resolve the issue. Can anyone help please.

I’m seeing the same thing… ARRGGGHHH :):slightly_smiling_face:


Create WIList argument in Get TransacionData workflow and specify direction as “In”. And then pass input value to this argument from *Init" state. Make sure the value you are passing from Init state has scope General business process scope.

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