Unable to Pass Table Name in Requisition Body

good afternoon guys,

I have been working for some time with Http Requests in UiPath but I came across a problem that I am not able to solve by myself.

I need to make a POST request to an API to populate some data in the target table:


my problem is that the API requires me to point to the Request Body also the Table Name (Table), item that I’m not able to assemble from the request.

If I try to run the request without the table name I get an error:

Can anyone give me guidance on how to accomplish this?
Just need to know how to pass this Table name in the Request Body via UiPath

I’ve attached an example of the code I’m using to the Topic.
HttpRequesPOST.zip (40.0 KB)

As I understand, you want to build the body as the sample image. However, in the code you posted, you only do the construction of the Table content, but not the Table object.

This is what you did

This is what you want to achieve

If so, you would only have to add an additional object of type JObject containing the name you want (Table) and the content you have built.

Attached modified code
HttpRequesPOST_mod.zip (10.9 KB)

I also include an additional optional to build in a simpler way, in a single line

Additional Advice

By the way, remember to initialize the objects, before trying to use a method on them

Because your code generates

Invoke Method VALUE: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: TargetObject
Additional Recommendation

You could have one input dictionary instead of having 8 arguments.

And when it comes to construction, it would be just a ForEach through the dictionary, which adds every property

ForEach Properties

And the parameters of the Add JObject

Thank you very much, I understand the concept and solved the problem!

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