Unable to pass Month & year for Assignment 2

when i am trying to edit selectors (placing variable for aaname) for month and year and saving it. selector automatically change with its previous state value. meaning variable not saving in selector editor.

Hi @M_M_Mishra

When you use dynamic selectors do not open the expression editor and write directly into the textbox for selector then it will open like this

otherwise for static selectors



Hi Prankur,

how i will be opening 1st screenshot “Expression Editor”. whenever i select click activity then in property window i click on selectors property and 2dn screenshot opening.

please let me know the step to open 1st screenshot.it may be a silly question but i did not see this…

When you directly type into this textbox without opening it by clicking on those three button


Ignore other fields it is just for example

After saving when you click on those three it will open like


No Luck…Something i m missing.

I am using click activity and and paste below code in selector.

when i am taking informative screenshot its not working and getting error at last.

please suggest.

The selector for month is a tag=‘A’ not SPAN
Correct and try

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error coming.

Are you in a attach browser already?
If not, can you re-indicate your element to get full selector and then you can make it dynamic again adding the variable.

See this sample, open IE download monthly report page and run this

Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

Let me know if this works, working fine at my end.


within attach browser i am working not not happening as expected.

i did not understand. did you re-indicate and try?
You are using chrome correct?

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Use Anchor Base Activity to select the Month Label first

Then in action use the click option :slight_smile:

Then use the month selector click (using the array/variable)