Unable to open the link in UI Path

Hi all,

I am working on a project in which I have to open an application.
After opening application, I need to enter a value and click enter.
After click, it will take almost 5 minutes to load the data for that particular product.
After product data is loaded, I need to click on a link to get further data.

I have tried to add 5 min delay after opening the application to load data.
But, even if the product data is loaded earlier, robot click on the link at 5 min to get further data.

Is there any way to get the link be clicked immediately after product data is loaded.


Hi @Christin_John

These are the things we can do,

  1. use element exists activity and give time out as 300000 and check if the element is present or not, if its present click it.

  2. set waitforready in click’s property to true.

  3. try retry scope to click and check for the next element is present, if its not present click the link again.


Hi @prasath_S ,

  1. I have added element exists activity and gave 300000 timeout.
  2. After that I added click activity.
  • In properties , for "waitforready" only have None,Interactive,Complete.
  1. Can you please explain to me how to add this step.

@Christin_John its complete forget to add…