Unable to Open Project due to C# language

Hello Community,

I have been developing a bot for around 5 months now.
A new version of UiPath came out the other day. I updated and now I am unable to open my project to continue development.
Error Code:

Projects that use the C# language can only be opened from the Studio profile. If your license includes access to Studio, go to Settings > License and Profile > View or Change Profile."

Anyone know how I can fix this? It is crucial for the my team’s development.



Which version of Studio do you use? (22.10.5?)
Do you use StudioX or Studio? If you can change profile to Studio, can you try to open it in Studio profile?



Here is a screenshot of the license.
I used to use Studio but ever since the update I cannot switch back to Studio from StudioX.


For now, can you check your plan and licenses at Admin-License in AutomationCloud?
If there is no AutomationDeveloper license, it might be necessary to re-create your organization as Community plan.