Unable to open a URL which is in Config File


I have stored the App URL in Config table in Database.

I have changed the URL in config table now but bot is throwing error in username field
i.e it is taking the selector of the one which i captured. How i want to take it dynamically.

Please help.


Hi @sharu_priya ,

Could you let us know what are the activities that you have used for opening the url ?

If you could provide us with Screenshots of the implementation it would be helpful for us to analyse further.

Please refer the below screenshot

@sharu_priya ,

Do you have different URL’s having different UI Screens ? Meaning each of them is not similar to each other or not have the same parent Page ?

If the URL specified is not at all related to the URL specified URL, then it would mean it has different set of UI Screens and we would need to add those screens as well in our workflow.

Different UI Screens = Different Field Elements = Different Selectors.

However, You could try and Check what are the differences between the Selectors when the previous URL is used and the current URL.

Let us know what are your findings.

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Hi @sharu_priya,

Have you store URL in config file or Database?

Pavan Kumar

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