Unable to mention 2 conditions in If


I m unable to mention 2 conditions in the IF using the AND operator , Only one condition is being checked not both i have mentioned the Condition as

Moneyrecieved>cost AND Productselect=1


Hi @AnushaA,

you can abke to give 2 condition in if condition.

What exception are you facing?




I dont have any error or exception when i run the robot it is not checking both conditions only the one mentioned first is being checked and it is doing the then or else based on the output for the first condition


Hi @AnushaA,

Before if condition just use log message(all the values) and check what value are you getting.



@arivu96 Thank you that did help and i was able to resolve the issue but i have another one now, I m fairly new to UI path and trying to get my hand dirty . i m trying to build a State machine for a vending machine prototype and when i give a selection of the items in a input dialouge to select say 1:chips 2:coke 3:biscuts once the selection is made i m storing the value in a variable called “Select Product” the above condition works in a IF only for one selection Like Product 1 , i did try to put 3 times the IF condition to check but that was not executing in the right way. How can i put this selection for all the 3 options ?