Unable to login UIPath platform

I changed the Operating system to Windows 10. Then I am unable to login to UIPath platform. I am able to login from another laptop which has Windows 8 with same credential. Error Screen shot is attached.

1.I tried in chrome, IE
2.Firewall setting is disabled
3.Javascript is allowed in browser setting

First error screen shows


Second error screen shows

“Your session has expired. Please login again”

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You mean cloud platform.
Try with a different browser either chrome or firefox.

Karthik Byggari


I have already tried below activities :

1.I tried in chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge
2.Windows Firewall setting is disabled
3.Javascript is allowed in browser setting

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Can you clear your cache and try again fresh?

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Yes. I cleared cache, cookies. Restarted the machine. Still no luck.

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hi @balamaha

Have you check proxy settings on your browser

Ashwin S

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Proxy settings are verified. It is disabled.

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I tried in another machine which has windows 10. I am able to login without any issue. Not sure what is wrong with my machine.

Finally… I am able to login from my machine… I cleared the temp folder … and it started working now.

@balamaha I am facing the same issue and also cleard the tem files and done all the things that u have mentioned.

Could any one help me pls