Unable to login to UiPath platform

I am unable to login platform website by firefox. So I am unable to login to orchestrator website.

I can able to change my password. When I try to sign up again, I get an error .“account already exist.”
But I try to login, this error appear. “Account doesn’t exist, please try logging in with a different account.”

I cleaned cookies but I have the same status.
I sent an inquiry email but was told that Community Edition is not supported.


Do you can login by another browser?

Please try to use below URL:

Hi @uitest

Fire fox is no longer supported for the uipath cloud platform. That’s why you are getting that error.

Try using the chrome or Microsoft edge for this.m it will work.


I try using another browser, now, I can log in by Microsoft edge.
I didn’t know Firefox wasn’t working.
Thanks so mach.


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