Unable to login to orchestrator platform

@Lucas.Pimenta @ovi
hi i am also facing similar issues , not able to login

old Version of Orchestrator is here… please register.
This is working version… which you can schedule your bot and run.

@Atul_Rai @dennis what browser are you using? (although it’s working for me in IE, Chrome and Firefox). And can you check the response on the browser? (paste here the screenshot please)

@ovi I’m having the same issue over here. The page is just stuck on loading screen. The browser console is giving the following error.


@rkelchuri Is this Orchestrator connected to the old one? I am going through the UiPath training and everything I have done so far is in there. I tried logging into it with my credentials but it seems like I am unable to do so. Does this mean that I would need to re-register and start from scratch?

Still unable to login
I want to ask the same question as @potato asked to @rkelchuri.

@ovi I have tried to login on all the browser as suggested but result remains the same.

Hi @Atul_Rai

To help us debug the issue, please share the console log as exemplified above.

Please also try to access the platform in Incognito Mode of your browser.

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Hi @loginerror
I have tried to access the platform in Incognito mode but the result remains the same.

console log:

It is an old version: 2016.2.6393

Yes it is…

Today i started facing the issue as well:


Using https://demo.uipath.com however

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@ovi @loginerror
Should I start everything from scratch on new orchestrator?
unable to login on new website with old credentials.

Is there any “new orchestrator”? The one posted above (lts-platform.uipath.com) points to an older version (2016.2.6393).

I don’t know about the version but I am able to see the login page at https://lts-platform.uipath.com/Account/Login?returnUrl=%2F

This is old version of Orchestrator but if you create new tenant then you can use this instance. please remember this URL is pointing to old OR server.


this will work for your current credentials.

Looks like platform.uipath.com has been changed as demo.uipath.com because platform.uipath.com credentials are working for demo.uipath.com to login into Orchestrator.


Yes, seems so :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @rkelchuri
Its working.

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I have 2 Questions

  1. Are we suppose to be connected to the orchestrator to fetch the credentials?
  2. Not able to see any robot key on https://demo.uipath.com . Some one please confirm.

got my answers

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