Unable to login to my uipath cloud account

i am unable to login to my uipath cloud account.
page held on animation. unable to forward to setting page.

i actually reinstall my windows 10. and try to reinstall uipath on new windows 10 installation.

Hi @Muhammad_Imran

For all Uipath accounts like forum , cloud everything is single sign option

i made new window 10 installation.

my previous uipath studio setting is lost.

after new window installation. when i install fresh uipath installtion, it does not install,

show error . like token issue
and also not sign in to my uipath cloud page

Hi, Please check your current date and time, may that is wrong just sync it and try once again to log in. Hope this help you.

time and date is correct kindly see the pic below

page held on animation.

while during installation this error shows

kindly help in this regard.

this error also showing Current Time error at the end. I will suggest you to please go to your date and time setting and click on Sync now button and try to login once again. this problem already happend with me. After sync please restart your uipath studio not pc before login .Hope it will work.

date and time is correct

i have synced date and time…isssue remains the same

Take a look at the marked areas.

That should not happen.

As you reinstalled the windows there my be the timezone issue verify it once.

thank you Sir,

i am very obliged for your guidance.

so sweet

problem solved.

after changing my time zone. it works now.

i m very thankful to you

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cheers.Please mark it as solution.

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Just for the record, this error message is improved now (20.10.4):