Unable to Login or Connect to Orchestrator- The transaction logs are full in database

Troubleshoot when the Orchestrator is down and not able to login.

Transaction Log database has reached the disk size limit which is causing this behavior. 
DBA team should be involved to help reduce the size of transaction log. 

1) Set the  recovery model to Full Recovery and the Transactional Log Backup was never taken. The first thing to do is to  take a Transactional Log Backup. Check if the ldf file reduces. 

2) set the recovery model to simple and then try to take the transactional log backup

3) If the above step does not work, the next step should be shrinking the log file. Note the database file should not be shrunk, unless it is very necessary. 

To avoid such instances in future, it is also recommended to perform the database maintenance following the steps mentioned in the below link periodically- https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/maintenance-considerations