Unable to login into new UiPath certification platform https://www.certmetrics.com/uipath

I had completed UiPath RPA Developer Advanced certification in January,2020. Recently, I understood that legacy certification platform is retired and I need to setup a new account and download certificate from new certification website. But I did not receive any email with instructions to login into new certification platform. If I go to certmetrics website and tried to login using my email address, it is throwing an error “The email you entered does not match anything in the system.” Can someone please guide me how to login into certmetrics and download my UiPath certificate?


Check as below

Did you paid for the certification? then you can check with forgot password and try again

Hope this helps you


Ok. Thank you. I’ll prepare and I’ll register for new certification next year. But I still have this question. Until 30th April,2021 can I validate my certificate from “https://certificate.uipath.com/” or do I need to download a new certificate from certmetrics?


No there will no new certificate unless you pay and clear the exam


ok. Until 30th April,2021 can I validate my old certificate from “https://certificate.uipath.com/”

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu,

Please send an email to certification@uipath.com and someone will assist you with this and help you recover your legacy account and download your eCertificate from there. Thank you.