Unable to login into academy with google authentication


I created my academy account with “Continue with Google” option.
So when I try to login with regular email, it gives me message " Invalid email address or password"
I can only login with “Continue with google” only. Not with my email.


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WORST COMPLAIN post EVER. That’s the principle of using “Google as authentication”: the authentication is done at Google and your “ID” shared.

Create or change your authenctication mode to use both your mail and a password managed at UiPath end.


If you check my query, when i gave email and password to login i am getting “Invalid email address or password”. If i signed in i should be loging again with the email i signed in. UIpath login process is not managed properly. That i can say if you see hundreds of complaints ONLY for login issue.

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The authentication migration process came with some issues and forum was fed with feedback from the community.

Today, I’m not aware of any issue.

If you used your Google session to create your UiPath account, are you expecting google to share with UiPath both your email and your password (password that shouldn’t be stored in plain text or alike) or UiPath to grab them on the fly?

A nice addition would be to be able, from our forum account, to add other UiPath SSO authentication modes and manage them or to have a shortcut to this kind of management.

EDIT: by the way, you title is not accurate: you can only use google authentication



Hi @sumanchitla

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

For security reasons, the email/password login option is currently disabled for accounts that used any of the available social logins.

I have to agree with you that it is not intuitive at times. For example, if you used the Google option and then try to reset the password, it will silently fail without much feedback on your end (it will just not send you the password reset link).

Our team is working on improving the experience.

Until then, please continue to use your google social sign-in to access your UiPath account.

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Thank You Maciej!!

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