Unable to log in to the UiPath Forum

When I tried logging into UiPath Forum with my existing personal account earlier, I face an error that says “You can’t login from that IP address”

The account in question works fine with other UiPath components like Studio, Academy etc.

After no way around, I changed my IP address via VPN and I am able to successfully get into the forum with the same account.

Can someone explain if this is normal? Or has my account been locked via my original IP address?


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@loginerror can you please assist him.

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Hi @Samran_Ali,

@loginerror, @Pablito Can help you here.
Also if you accessing the forum from your organization laptop that might also be the reason.


HI @Samran_Ali

In case of something issue with your Forum account you can directly contact @loginerror via DM and explain your issues.
He will take actions quickly as soon as knowing about the issue.


Hi @Samran_Ali

I’ve messaged you about this issue :slight_smile: I would need the IP address that is getting blocked to look into the issue.