Unable to log in as admin

I am attempting to run an application as admin. After opening the application as admin I am presented with a window to enter my admin username and password. However, I am unable interact with this through UiPath due everything being grayed out until I either enter in my credentials or until I exit out. Any way to get around this? Thank you for your time I really appreciate it!

Hi @zackattack0517 !
Did you install UiPath while being at the admin session ?
If yes, maybe you should uninstall Studio, ask UiPath to free your license, and reinstall in the right session with admin rights.

Also could you please share with us a screenshot so we are sure we’re speaking of the same thing ?

Here is a picture:

I am unable to access anything besides that window including taking screenshots. The task bar disappears and the screen is greyed out.

Reinstalling UiPath while signed into my admin account may work?

Yes it might work, but then only in the admin windows session (account) you will be able to open studio or run the bot

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