Unable to locate target element using CV

Hi, I am using CV to automate the process to a website and filter the dashboard according to variables that users enter in excel file. I put i_AYSemYear as a variable in CV descriptor in CV click. Then i put the CV click in a TryCatch to scroll down if the element is not visible. When i run it, it didn’t going to catches, it just simply selects one from the list to click (which is not the string we assign to i_AYSemYear). May i know what might be the problem?

Hello @Audrey6 ,

may I know is there any specific reason for using CV click here? I think you can directly use the click activity with an anchor. So suggesting to use APP/Web recorder and during the recording it will ask to choose an anchor. It can solve the issue. Or if you want to click on a specific element you can make the selector dynamic and perform the action.

Hi Rahul, i am not using App/Web recorder because I cannot select specific element from the interface/ only can locate the target as a image of the whole interface in the webpage (refer to the small image attached where green colour is the target i could select only). So, I have to use CV after I login.


So if you are using CV on that date selection is it showing the date field in the selector??

Can you share a screenshot of that

Hi Rahul, by using CV, i am able to select each element in the drop down list shown in the screenshot. Does CV have selector? i am using the CV descriptor as shown in the screenshot of my very first query