Unable to license my robot after the 2019.6 update

After the recent 2019.6 update I am unable to connect my robot to orchestrator.
Please help


What error are you getting ?

And also do u know Orchestrator was migrated to Cloud.

use this one: https://platform.uipath.com in system tray

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Just this morning it was working completely fine but now when i click connect on orchestrator setting tab it is showing “status: unlicensed.”
Tried the link but the problem still exists.:broken_heart::sob:

I got what was wrong , actually i was copy pasting the machine key before filling the orchestrator ulr from the drop down option. So every time i clicked the ulr from drop down option my previous machine key was automatically filled in the machine key part and hence the error.

Sorry for my silliness , and Sorry @lakshman if i wasted your time for nothing.

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