Unable to launch UiPath Studio at all


I have been using the community version of uiPath since last 1 month (11th Sep onwards) in order to do a POC with my company so as to move to a licensed version based on intial trials.

I was made to understand that the free activation will be valid for a period of 60 days.
As of yesterday (18th Oct 2017) however, the uiPath Studio application does not get loaded at all. When I click on the app, nothing comes up.
Could it be the license issue?

I assume the program should get launched and then a pop-up may fnally reject the ‘Continue Free’ if there is an issue, but the UiPath Studio process is not gettig launched at all.

Please help!


How about running UiStudio from appdata folder or maybe programfiles.
%AppData\Local\UiPath\app-201*.*\UiStudio.exe and create a shortcut on desktop.

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Thanks!! It works!!!

Hi ddpadil,

Able to help here? UiPath Studio unable to open

Thank you!