Unable to launch UI Path Community edition in VM

I am facing below issue when I try to launch the UI Path Community edition in one of the VM’s I am working on.
I have the admin access for the VM as well. Please give me the solution for this.
I cannot turn Internet to offline as I am installing it on a Virtual Machine(VM).

or: “Thee was an error trying to reach the activation server…”


I’ve had the same problem with a VM on a mac. It had some blocked ports or something I don’t really found out.

I solved this issue by migrating the virtual machine on another computer and activating the license and then migrating back the VM on the mac that I had to use.


Hi Bogdan,
Thanks for the reply, migrating this VM go other machine means? Do you mean logging in other computer? Between I faced this issue in windows 7(VM).

I got the VM on a USB drive. And plugged it into another computer, activate the license there and then put it back.