Unable to launch the browser

Hi All,

I am preparing for the client security hash assignment.
Have create the navigate to WI Details as below


when executing this workflow, there is no triggering for the brwoser. Any idea what goes wrong?

Hi @Hima
is there any error being thrown?

Hi ,
Hope both the In_ arguments(in_System1URL & in_WIID ) are populated by the corresponding values.


THE ERROR IS attach browser cannot find the UI Element

Hi ,the pattern that is expected is “ACME System 1 - Log In” where robot recognizes as
in_System1URL+“work-items”+in_WIID .

I see that your in_System1URL contains “/login” . can you check that ,please ? and also the value in the in_System1Browser

Hi rpaforDeep, yes the URL is wrong, the problem is resolved. Thanks

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