Unable to launch process because of tmp file access denied


We often encounter an issue while launching a process in UiPath (through the studio or through the Orchestrator) :
message :
"Main has thrown an exception :
Access to the path “…\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpXXXX.tmp’ is denied”

XXXX is different each time.

Do you have an idea ?



any idea ?


Nobody encounter this issue ?
Nobody can help us ?


Nobody from UiPath is interested on our issue ?


Hey @nicolas.roussel

Check that mentioned path permission. this is may be uipath does not have write access on that folder.




Thanks to help us.
It works mostly so it is not an issue of access rights (just file which seems to be already in use…).
This file is created by UiPath in the temp directory and we don’t know why sometimes (1 over 3) we encounter this issue.
We relaunch (without doing anything) and it works.
It happens with the studio, but also when we launch process through the orchestrator.


Not 100% sure, but may be some file in your process that has not been disposed?


Well tried
But this issue happens before the real launch of the process (before the icon of the robot appears)
This is really according to UiPath. You never encounter this ?
Moreover this tmp file is empty so I don’t understand why it is created…

First, I thought it was due to the server, but we have it on all our servers and also on the orchestrator.