Unable to kill python script


I have used python script in process as one of the activity. If I kill a uipath from studio/orchestrator kill option while python script executing , Uipath process terminated but what ever executing in python script is not terminating. Can anyone explain how to kill python script too.


are you using UiPath activities to execute py files ?

Yes @AdityaVN

if you are trying to kill the py programmatically when you stop from orchestrator … there is “Should Stop” activity and returns a Boolean, this can be used to detect stop signal from orchestrator. When “Should Stop” is true you can identify all the processes running in the machine and then kill python process

this is crude method but try if it fits your needs

Thanks @AdityaVN , i will try this case… but what if user try to kill process from studio or orchestrator kill option. ? is there any solution for that.

I’m not sure if there is any activity to do this

Hello @logesh_kumar1

Did you tested the python script in a IDE and validated the script?

Plz make sure the script is working as expected and getting closed. Then integrate that in uipath using Invoke python activity. Due to some reason if loop keeps on infinite loop, it will be a problem.