Unable to integrate Minio "HTTPS" with Orchestrator. Package publish failed

After some trial and error, I dug through UiPath’s Minio DLL files (UiPath.Storage.Minio.dll and Minio.dll)

I searched for properties/text such as “Secure”, “SSL”, “Https” and after trying a few properties from Minio.dll such as ;Secure as this is the property that sets the HTTPS flag in the Client (but failed), ended up locating a Boolean SslEnabled in the UiPath.Storage.Minio MinioStorageClientOptions

  1. Updating the Storage.Location connection string with SslEnabled=true
    <add key="Storage.Location" value="host={host}:9000;accessKey={key};secretKey={secret};SslEnabled=true" />
  2. Restart IIS

I was able to successfully Publish a package through Orchestrator to Minio

First upload was with SSL and second upload was with SSL.