Unable to install the UiPath Studio through UiPathStudioSetup file

Would you mind running the diagnostic tool image (you can find it in the Start menu) and then sending me a private message with the output @loginerror?

Hi Maciej,

I have ran the UiPath Diagnostic Tool.
Please suggest what I need to share exact data with you.


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Hi @shailendra.jyoti

It looks like the installation might be corrupted, but it could also be some limitations of your machine.

Could you please follow these steps to perform a clean installation? We have recently released the 21.6 version of Studio which might help you resolve the issue:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

Thanks for the reply.

I have downloaded the UiPathStudioSetup 2021.4.4 few 20 days back from this link UiPath

Could you please suggest by when new version got released.

Shailendra Jyoti

Hi @shailendra.jyoti

Just to close the loop here - the issue does not reproduce on our latest 21.10 version, so updating to the latest Preview version is most likely the solution here.