Unable to Install the Java Extension from uipath studio

I’m Trying to Automate IntelliJ (Java Application) But im unable to install the extension even though i closed all the running java application. Any suggestions or Help will be appreciated. Thanks Guys

Hello @Venkatesh_Arulmozhi

Have you installed as below?


Which JRE is Intellij Using?
In my env, Intellij comes with a bundled JRE (it lays inside the installation folder) so I guess that’s your case too.
Have you tried automating Intellij and ignoring the error?

For the first error message, java processes can run in the background so even a fresh restart might not solve the problem for apps that are starting on windows start-up. You can use Process Explorer or similar apps to track and close java processes.

In the second case, I guess that is a path from a shared folder, where you need admin rights to write data.

However, if you are using an UiAutomation version of 22.4 or higher, you don’t need to install the extension. Interaction with the app should work by default.