Unable to Install new version

I am unable to install new 2023.4 version of UiPath studio community on to my machine. I have check all and no old version is found but when i install i got this message
I also tried silent install but still same
MSI4eb75.txt (92.6 KB)
The old version was 2023.2 but i can’t find it anywhere

Please Help


First check if anything is present from control panel and then uninstall it…

Else if you right click on the studio msi …mostly you should be getting an option to uninstall …try using that

Hope this helps



The following topic might help you.
(Sorry but it’s Japanese language page. please use auto translataor)


Hi @Anil_G ,

No UiPath Studio Found in control panel anywhere. And i also lost the studio msi


You can downlod the msi again from the orchestrator…go to orchestrator…and click on help or question mark symbol on top and select downlods…and can download the msi from there


I cannot find the right msi for 23.2.0 cause the version before was of Community


whatever is there in Orchestrator should work as well to uninstall. did you try it


Hi @Thong_Mai_Tr_ng_Hoang - Sounds like the old studio is not properly removed. Can you check is there any folders present named with UiPath within your Program Files/Program Files(*86). If yes, can you delete those folders, restart your system and try installing the new one

Cannot detect installed version set up will now exit - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum

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Yes it was not a clean uninstall i have removed all file and folder with the name UiPath from my user but it wont let me install a new one

Hi All,

I have found a solution to my issue. I do not have the previous installer nor does the new installer help to remove the old product so i have to manually remove all the UiPath stuff from the computer.

For anyone who might need it, I’ll put the solution below:

  1. Try finding the old Product Code you might have installed before (Usually in the MSI log file) (e.i. “{CA94574A-9591-4278-9269-0F5FB01F***}”)
  2. Open regedit and look for the same
  3. Remove all of it from the regedit
  4. Remove all the UiPath folder found on the machine:
  • %localappdata%\UiPath
  • %programdata%\UiPath
  • %programfiles(x86)%\UiPath
  • %appdata%\UiPath

After all that, i was able to install new version again


I also failed to automatically update to UiPath Update 23.4.0-beta.12490 on Hyper-V virtual terminal on the night of March 31, 2023, and UiPath registration disappeared in Windows Apps , I was unable to uninstall. At that time, I did not know this procedure and did not have time, so I returned the checkpoint obtained last month with Hyper-V and reinstalled it to deal with it. If the same thing happens again, I will try this procedure.

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