Unable to Install FTP Activities Due to an Error - Multiple Attempts To Download


I am not able to install FTP activity from manage packages, if I install it seems to be error like multiple attempts to download
Can anyone please help me out from this…


Could you please restart Uipath studio and then try once.

@lakshman I had tried it many time before


Is this issue with FTP package or all other packages also ?

Just try to install some other package and check once.

Hello @tamiltr

Were you able to resolve the issue that you were facing or is it still there?

Can I see which activity version you are trying to install here for FTP?

@tamiltr, Please see your add remove programs. if you have Dot.net latest installation is available or not. if not please get latest one and install.
also make sure you load all dependent packages form package manager.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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FTP alone

1st one uipath.FTP.Activities