Unable to install and launch Studio

I am unable to configure/install Studio on my new machine (win 10 home). I am following steps given in attachement.

I am not sure what’s going wrong. Could you please let me know and if possible, share the step by step installation guide . Available steps on internet seems old one and not matching with current uipath version. I might be wrong. Please see attached document with the steps i followed.Studio Installation.docx (300.8 KB)

Hi @gopal_1981

In order to get Machine Key, you need to go to the Machines tab on Orchestrator and provision either a machine or a machine template (reusable across multiple robots).

Also, read more about Machines on this page:

Thank you for reply.
As shown in the screenshots i provided, I am getting error while creating Robot. I tried to created robot with StudioPro too.
I guess i need to create Robot first before creating machine as i did not find Machine tab to create it.
Kindly let me know if i am missing anything. Thanks!
I need help as i am currently stuck and cannot proceed with my learning.

Thank you @RPAForEveryone.
I also referred:

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