Unable to instal Chrome Extension


I am unbale to instal Chrome Extension. Even after installing Extension , after restarting the system, I dont see the Extension in Chrome. Please help me.

Please find the Chrome and Ui Path studio version image below

Chrome Version : 86.9.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

UI Path Studio Version : Studio 2020.10.0 Community Lisense

Hi @shruthi_arali,

Try installing the extension with this link:


@william.coulson I am getting below error when I am trying to record using Web even after installing using your link.


There is an rpageek.com post explaining what to do, the link is a bit broken so copy and paste this link below:

rpageek.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com)-,Reinstall%20the%20extension%20if%20the%20ChromeNativeMessaging.exe%20is%20missing,Tools%20%3E%20Extensions%20%3E%20Chrome%20Extension.&text=Make%20sure%20you%20enable%20it,and%20then%20restart%20the%20browser.

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@william.coulson Thank you so much for the solution. I tried it and it is working properly.

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